Most electronic door locks combine both physical and electronic locking control on the same door. For example, you may have a physical key for setup and emergency backup, but use the remote or keypad to lock and unlock the door on a day-to-day basis. This provides an extra layer of convenience and safety for the user, but may also provide additional functionality as well.

Electronic access control systems allow companies to assign privileges to individuals based on their user information. You can determine where and when individuals are allowed access. An audit trail logs who passes through your entry and exit devices and whether they did so during your regular or off business hours.

By combining software and hardware, your system can be controlled or programmed anywhere on your network or via a secure web browser.

  • Electronic door locks
  • Magnetic locks
  • Exit alarms
  • Delayed egress alarms
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Biometric hand readers
  • Prox reader systems
  • Wireless (Wifi) access control
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